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How to Develop Better Customer Experience

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In the next few years, customer experience is expected to take a leading priority over the price of a product, as the key brand differentiation.  86 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for towing service to experience a better customer experience as compared to pricing. Customers are expecting more from brands at every stage of their journey. The need to develop a unique and personalized journey is becoming more critical.

While customer experience continues to become more important, it is also one of the leading challenges that marketers are facing. With the increasing demand for seamless customer experience, marketers are deeply looking at artificial intelligence and aspects such as natural language processing to guide them in developing more effective content strategies that are based on informed insights about their customers.

Here are some of the ways you can use to develop a better customer experience with content intelligence.

Develop actionable insights based on customer data

To develop more effective content strategies that can help you better engage with your customers, you will need to have better insights. The use of artificial intelligence gives marketers the ability to pull in more sources of customer data that can give your business actionable insights to fuel your content strategy. Don’t always want to use analytic tools and think they will give you all the results you need. These tools have their limitations and may not be able to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of what your customers are responding to.

Enhance Customer Personas

As demand for more personalized experiences increases, you will need to know a lot about who you are engaging. While you may think you are targeting the most ideal customers for you, you may find yourself ignoring a very important audience segment that would be greatly interested in your products and services. Marketers need to have modern intelligence-based tools to deliver important insights and give you the ability to develop very comprehensive customer personas.

Maximize Reach

You will need to maximize reach through the right channels and at the right times. Try to figure out when and where to place, distribute and promote our content. Timing and placement can make a big difference between a successful campaign and a stagnant one.

Content promotion with the application of artificial intelligence can help you measure your performance.

Compare performance

In business, it is always a good idea you know where you rank. It can be very important you have an understanding of the performance of competing brands and how they engage their customers and prospects. With the use of artificial intelligence, marketers can have important insights on the performance of competition as well as the competitive strategies they are using.

Customers are becoming more accustomed to highly personalized experiences from brands and the ability to keep up with their promises. Marketing technology used some years back is never enough to be used in today’s world of marketing. Marketers will need to have modern intelligence and tools to deliver actionable insights that enhance client experiences.

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How to Write an Incredible Startup Marketing Budget

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As a marketer for any business such as commercial cleaning services, it is important you be critically aware of your budget and resources, and use all the financial information you have to make decisions. For any company to succeed, it needs to develop a workable marketing budget that put resources at the heart of the business, and teams can use the available resources to prosper.

When a company is at its founding stage, it can be quite confusing to determine its marketing budget. In some cases, marketing decisions are solely left to the duty of top management to make determinations and deliberations.

Startup marketing budget

Startup marketing budget outlines the money a new company intent to spend on its marketing functions. Startups generally factor in key expenses in their budget, such as the cost of advertising, technology, content creation and automation. A company need to figure out its gross profit and now much it’s ready to put towards funding its marketing budget.

Gross Revenue

Gross revenue is earned before any deductions are made. The estimated revenue refers to the number of expected earnings over some time. In most cases, startups spend around 11 percent of their revenue to fund their marketing budget. To find your gross revenue, all you need is to calculate your total number of sales. From that point, you can figure out how much you will need to spend on your budget.

For startups that do not have a gross revenue yet, they need to estimate how much they are expecting to make over a year, and use those numbers as their benchmark. The process of building any successful budget is based on revenue a company is expected to have.

When coming up with a budget for a startup, here are a couple of considerations you need to make.

Consider your technological needs. These will be aspects such as the cost of software, security and the IT infrastructure you will be required to build. Additionally, you will be required to commit some chunk of your budget to advance research and innovation for your business. If you are yet to discover your target audience, you will need to heavily invest on market research.  There are a couple of free and relatively inexpensive methods you can use to research to advance your market needs.

You will also be required to send a considerable amount of your money on business process automation. There will be services you will be required to automate, such as call centers, lead generation and CRM applications. Automating processes will be very important especially if you don’t have a lot of resources for your business.

You will also be required to commit some funds on production purposes. You will need to note all expenses that will go towards production, such as creating marketing costs, graphic design, photography and video. You can also decide to go for experienced freelancers who can deliver competent services for your business. If outsourcing saves you money in the long run, consider it.

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The Keys to Delivering World Class Customer Service

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If you have interacted with Fredericksburg towing service, you might be aware of how the business goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service for its clients. Customer service is a crucial factor and a pillar that determines the success or failure of most businesses. Studies have shown that consumers believe excellent customer service is an important component that influences brand choice and loyalty.

Understanding world-class customer service

World-class customer service is a term covering customer service used to describe all services offered to customers that exceed customer expectations. Any business must invest in comprehensive training and provide excellent resources to service representatives to foster customer loyalty and promote customer acquisition. Studies have shown consumers responding to the fact that they consider customer service before deciding whether to buy from a company or not.

Here are a couple of strategies to use to deliver world-class service to customers.

Personalized services

You need to take a personal approach to each problem a customer faces, no matter its scale or urgency. World-class service is focused on people and not problems. If you have multiple customers with the same problem, never just take a universal approach to solve all those problems. However, try out solutions that are customized to each customer and give them all the attention they need.

Be Calm and Professional

While handling a customer, you need to remain calm, empathetic, and professional, regardless of how they are treating you. You should always do your best to separate emotions while exchanging with your customers. There are high chances you will interact with customers who will vent their frustrations with your company on a personal basis. You need to understand that they are not mad at you, they are only mad at the problem at hand.

Respond to inquiries quickly

One of the best ways to show customers you value them is by showing you value their time. When customers contact you, you should never leave them hanging. Ensure you are prompt in getting back to your customers. Ideally, connect with them immediately and solve the problem at hand. You can use automated tools such as chatbots to show your customers you have received their request.

Address other questions customer might have

You should preemptively address other questions your customers might have. While answering customer queries and interacting with a customer, you will become more accustomed to answering certain queries and solving particular problems. You will gain some form of knowledge and experience that makes you develop a feel for potential questions that might arise in the future. Leverage the use of your sixth sense to address issues that have not yet arisen. Doing so can impress your customers as it shows the level of touch you have with them.

A customer service department will not be complete if there is no feedback. You need to ask for feedback from your customers and do something with it. Ensure your customer service department functions as a forum for customers to directly address what your business could do better.

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What is the perfect time to launch a startup

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The coronavirus pandemic has overturned most aspects of day to day life including the way we work. For many, it has brought a period of extended uncertainty and possible job insecurity. and related industries have been affected. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, it has also created a window of opportunity for many to succeed. As Eric Ries puts it in his lean startup book, the best times to be an entrepreneur is when everyone else is looking for exits.

Some of the greatest companies you know such as IBM, General Motors, Toyota, and HP were born in crisis, in the wake of economic downtime. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and wondering when is the best time to launch a startup, let’s have a little discussion.

When you have a clear plan for your customers

If you really have a plan of giving your customers what they want, then you might be closer to launching your startup. Most times, people rush to start a business without having a clear plan for customers. You don’t have to have everything while launching a business because when you listen to your customers, you will understand what they need. However, be ready and precise with what you can offer.

Appetite for digital

There has never been a better time with an appetite for digital than now. When every component of the world seems to be going digital, you can make a kill overnight with just one application. There is more room for your product to go viral than never before, powered by internet penetration and the sharing power presented by social media.

When you have a competitive edge

Most of the products being brought to the market today are just a copy of famous products and a replication of a product’s success. There are no outstanding or unique features that create a difference in how the product being introduced to the market differentiates itself. If you have a unique selling proposition, then you have a great opportunity to introduce your product to the market. You can make an edge over big brands through differentiation.

Harness the power of social media

In this information age, if you are not able to extract the maximum power and potential that is presented by social media, then your brand will be missing out. The use of social media is imperative if you want to have a maximum spread of awareness for your product. Consumers today make use of social media to decide if to buy a product or not. There is no better advertising platform now than what the internet gives us. Putting your products or services on Facebook and Google will present a great way of having your product seen by millions of potential buyers.

Once you have a product you are convinced would sell well, don’t overthink that it’s too early to launch your business. Pounce on any opportunity that comes along the way. Never be shy to take risks, great things never happen to cowards.

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Types of Real Estate Properties to Invest in

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real estateFor novice entrepreneurs, getting into any business can be challenging. My friend too faced similar challenges when he was starting out Platinum Access Limousines. However, today, we are talking about real estate.  Getting into real estate and breaking in to become a successful entrepreneur may seem to be a challenging endeavor. Real estate investing is done in many ways; from buying fix and flip houses, buy and hold investing, buying rental properties and purchasing the commercial real estate. When it comes to real estate investing, you might be probably wondering which type of real estate investment to go for.

There are many types of investment options when it comes to getting into real estate investing. Almost anyone looking forward to getting started can imagine buying a house, but there are many options to consider. However, why should you invest in a home when you can invest in a duplex? What about going to warehouses and office buildings? The choices are endless.

Let us look at the types of real estate investments you can make;

Residential Real Estate

When we talk about the residential real estate, the most common thing that comes to our minds is single-family homes. A detached single family home is a fancy way to get your foot off the ground when it comes to real estate investing. Residential real estate properties are used as residents for individuals and families. Many investors prefer to invest in residential real estate over other investments due to a higher potential for profits and a well-established value. The residential real estate can be divided into either single-family properties or multi-family properties.


Commercial Real Estate

commercialCommercial real estate properties refer to all properties including plots of land that can be used for business and corporations. Investing in the commercial real estate is not for everyone, or faint-hearted. To get into commercial real estate investing, you need to have extensive real estate knowledge with deep analytical skills and decision making. The commercial real estate also requires a higher investment as compared to other types of properties. Buying commercial real estate is an investment option that most investors and companies have their eyes on, but based on the complexity of the procedures, most are pushed away.

Industrial Real Estate

The industrial real estate space is less crowded as compared to the other investment options. This type of investment ranges from warehouses, industries among others. Industrial real estate can be classified as an investment property that corporations can use for storage, distribution and or manufacturing. This investment type offers an appealing income for real estate investors if they choose to pursue it.


In our list, the land is the last investment type. All types of real estate investment begin with land. You need to know that land appreciates just as fast as the property. This is the main reason investors are driven to invest in land. What determines the value of land is the location and it’s intended future use. If you know the zoning laws in your neighborhood and country, then investing in land can be a very lucrative business.

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Reasons why Renting a House May Be better than Owning

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rentWhen it comes to buying vs. renting, there is always a very hot debate on which among the two options make the most financial sense. Being a homeowner and also renting a premise for business, I can relate to this debate. Recent changes in tax laws have made owning a home not very advantageous due to a couple of reasons we are going to look at in this guide.

A common argument most people against renting have is that renting only makes you pay rent to the landlord instead of working to build equity in a home that is yours. However, there are many other advantageous reasons why renting may be more enticing and compelling. Let us look at the reasons why renting may be the best option for you.

No Maintenance Costs

Big advantage renters have over homeowners is that they do not have to suffer the responsibilities of maintenance costs. As a renter, the landlord must take care of all the repairs and maintenance. If an appliance stops working, it is not your responsibility to dig deep into your pockets to make it work. On the other hand, homeowners are responsible for all repairs, renovations, and maintenance of their premises.

Access to Amenities

Another key advantage to renting a house as compared to owning is having access to many amenities that would otherwise be enormously expensive if you were a property owner. While renting a home, you can have access to many luxuries such as an in-ground pool, fitness centers among others without having to pay for any additional charges as a tenant. If a homeowners want to match these amenities, they will be required to dig deep in their pockets.

No Big Down Payment

Another area renters have a significant advantage over the financial obligations associated with renting. While renting, you don’t need to have the financial muscles as compared to want to be required for homeowners. Rental property doesn’t attract a substantial down payment. Though the amount required varies from one apartment or property to the next, it doesn’t have to be that huge. In most places, landlords require a rental deposit that is equal to the amount of one month’s rent. On the other hand, a down payment for acquiring a house can be anywhere about 20 percent of the value of the property.

Decreasing Property Value

Property value will always go up and down depending with the market. While this fluctuation affects many homeowners big time, it affects renters to their advantage. The cost of a home determines the amount of property taxes you pay as well as the amount of your mortgage. When the housing market gets rocky, renters are not adversely affected by the fluctuations. Another advantage renters have the flexibility to downsize. In today’s economy, many people are struggling to have a decent living. There are a lot of uncertainties arising from the recession, retrenchment among others. When your income streams become tough, you can always take a rental property with lesser financial obligations.

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Steps to Planning Successful Building Project

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planningProject planning involves establishing and defining objectives of a goal and the plans to be followed in achieving these goals.  When we talk about the building project, for it to be achieved, there must be a concrete plan laid in place.  Have you decided to build a new home or renovate an existing one? While you may face the temptation to rush and pick the most available architects, it is essential to do a thorough pre-construction preparation to handle any problem that might come along the way.

To achieve a successful construction project, you must be willing to invest in the following pre-construction steps;

Write a Wish List

The first and the most important thing to do is to sit down and write a list of items to be included in your dream home. Think broadly concerning layout, structure, and functionality. If it is a matter of renovation, write down things you would like the renovated house to have. Split your list into must have things and those that would be negotiable. It is also important to consider the weaknesses and strengths of your current home, and the limits of what can be achieved through the modifications.

Choose a Design Professional

Now that you have a budget and a list of features and functionalities of your house, next you need a design professional to actualize your dream. The design professionals may comprise of two people; an interior designer and an architect. Both these two have distinct tasks but work to achieve a similar goal. Designers work on projects that do not necessarily involve altering structural works. On the other end, architects take a wide array of tasks including structural works, floors, and permits among others.

Interview Contractors

ContractorsOnce a final schematic design has been reached, contractors usually come in at this stage. At this stage, they typically have a general idea of how the house will look like and the desired results to be achieved.  During the interview process, you would want to ask the contractor to estimate the schematic design. Once you receive the estimates, it is upon you to evaluate which contractor you want to work with.

Determine Your Budget

Now that you have a list of the things you need to achieve, the fundamental question lies on what budget you have to commit to these projects. Sit down and work out your budget by determining how much money you have to on your project. Make a list of all the things that need to be involved in the building project. These items include construction materials, engineering and design fees, site work, all permits, landscaping, and insurance among others. Do not forget to budget for other aspects such as interior and deco.

Get Permit

Once you have settled down on a contractor to work with, get the required permits. For every building project, you want to engage there are specific building and operating licenses you must have. Once all permits are in place, sign the required contracts and get your project started.



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How to Do House Flipping the Right Way

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flippingWould you want to know how to flip a house for a considerable profit? Research from leading real estate firms such as Trulia and Century 21 shows that house flipping is on the rise. The best way to get into house flipping id to watch some favorite house flipping shows to get ideas and inspiration.

When we talk about house flipping, it is the process whereby a real estate investor buys houses, does some modifications on them and sells for a profit. For a home to be categorized under flipping, it must be purchased with the sole intention of getting traded in the shortest time possible.

House Flipping Basics

Flipping a house may sound simple on paper, but it is not as easy as many may think. When done the right way, flipping can be a significant investment. When done the wrong way, it may end up costing you a lot. Investing your time and money into a real estate property is always a considerable risk. However, if you want to reduce the chances of risks, there are some things you can do right.


Find Source of Cash

First, you need to find your source of cash. To flip a house successfully, you need to understand your financial position.  Do you have your own money and how much are you getting from investors? If you have a partner, will they assist you in investing? Once you have identified your sources of funding, you need to define a potential house to flip.


Build a Flipping Team

When undertaking house flipping, you need to have a team of trusted specialists who can help you throughout the process. When you assemble a good team, you put yourself in the forefoot of ensuring your investment will be a flip and not a flop. The specialists you should have on your team include a private money lender, an accountant, a general contractor, an architect and an insurance agent. Each of these members will help you see a successful transition throughout the different stages of the project.

Location and Property

Locating the right property is essential. Find the right property that you need to flip. Conduct critical research on a targeted geographical region that you want to get property from. You can use real estate agents in the area to save yourself time and get the right deals. An agent will help you find

Be Timely

It is essential to be very timely and precisely. The faster you can flip the property, the more profit you can make. The longer the house sits on the market, the longer you will have to pay for taxes, insurance, and other underlying costs. Note that these expenses can sum up quickly to make you not realize the full benefits of profits. So for you to maximize the value of the house to flip, you need to manage the whole process effectively. Properties that do not require expensive transformations and repairs. You can also look for bank-owned and repossessed properties, put a little investment into them and flip the house at a profit.


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How to Combine Furniture for a Perfect Living Room

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living roomDid you know you can make your living room smarter and larger with small twerks of furniture arrangement ideas? Homes that employ different dynamics and styles are quite impressive. But note that too much mixing can end up making your space to be confusing. To take your living room design to the next appealing level, here are a couple of ideas you can incorporate to inspire your area.


Everything is better in Pairs

As far as creating symmetry is concerned, remember that two is always better than one. You can add a pair of slide chairs or two, or even make use of a set of wall lights and other decorations on either end of your sofa to create a perfectly balanced space.


Make use of slipcovers

The color of furniture and sofas you choose will play a vital role in the look and cleanliness of your house. A crisp white sofa will always work very well in most spaces, but it also has a reputation for high maintenance. But you can make a compromise using tailored washable slipcovers.


Always Rearrange

coversYou should never be afraid to rearrange. If you have had your furniture in the same spot since the day you moved in, it’s time you consider switching it up a little bit. You can try to run the sofa to a different wall or turn it to a certain degree to create distinct and separate sitting areas.


Work with the scale

It is always good to play with the scale. If you are working with a small space, you have to limit yourself to furniture that fits that space. Try to choose a furniture type that maximizes and gets the best out of your space. Such a piece of furniture should offer more regarding seating and storage. Instead of fitting one large piece of furniture, you can try using multiple small ones that take after the shape of the space available for use.


Go Off the Wall

One way of creating an impressive space for your furniture is going off the wall. An alternative to arranging your furniture and other items around the perimeter of the room would be to try instead to float the furniture and other items in the center of the space. Using this trick can help to create a seating area that is better for conversation, one that helps to keep the center of the room having no feeling of being an empty void.

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